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The superstars of March are our Big Gig $80/$90 plans. These plans can be added to up to 5 lines on an account so you can share the savings with the whole family!

$80 8GB ‘Big Data’ Plan / $90 10GB ‘Big Data’ Plan (These rate plans already include all discounts)
·         Unlimited Nationwide Text, Picture and Video Messaging
·         Unlimited Nationwide Calling
·         Unlimited Incoming and Outgoing Canadian Text and MMS
·         Conference Calling, Call Waiting, Voice Mail 25, Call Display, Call forwarding (3000 minutes)
·         8 GB or 10GB Non-Shareable data
·         2 year term required

See the flyer here. 

Just click on the Big Gig purple banner on your order portal to get started.

We also have a double data promotion as part of the regular 30% discounted offer.

Your order portal is accessed using your work email address or by using the “Don’t have a work email?” option and uploading proof of employment.




Contact your dedicated TELUS representative Anna Bieniak by email at epp@telus.com, or the support team by phone at 1-844-888-4440.

For TELUS Home Services eligibility and offers please contact the support team by email at EPPHomeServices@telus.com, or by phone at 1-844-332-3459.

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