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PUR MOVEMENT is proud to offer VCH employees 15% off the following:

-Unlimited Memberships (PREMIUM, PRO, and PASSION)
-Monthly Class Passes (listed as our 5 and 8 Packs)
-10 Class Pass

-Memberships (PREMIUM, PRO, and PASSION)
-10 and 20 Sessions

See current rates here: https://www.purmovement.com/pricing


PUR MOVEMENT is the premier and award winning, boutique Dance, Fitness, Power Plate® Training studio catering to active lifestyles. We’re proud to offer a modern and eco-friendly environment lead by the best and most-knowledgeable instructors, trainers, and therapists in Vancouver. We are one of few studios in the lower mainland to offer exclusive use of Power Plate® whole body vibration technology – the most advanced acceleration training on the market today! PUR MOVEMENT was born from a desire to create a studio that catered to the end-to-end health and well-being of our clients. Our professional experience, achievements in education, performing arts, and athletics have combined to realize the opening of a specialized facility.
We have a collective passion for dance, fitness and overall well-being and are dedicated to guide our clients to the achievement of their highest potential, through a complete range of services we offer. PUR MOVEMENT is a lifestyle; and the ultimate destination for Dance, Fitness, Power Plate® Training, and Speciality Therapies.

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