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A complimentary first class (if you have never attended Lagree before)

10% off of 5-pack or 10-packs

Bulk package of 50 credits for $25 per class (let me know if you’d like to take advantage of this option and I’ll set it up for the team).


To book in for your complimentary class, set up an account (lagreewest.com/schedule -> My Account -> Create New Account) and email us at info@lagreewest.com with your VCH or PHSA email address, mention the Provincial Health Service Authority corporate rate and we’ll set it up for you!


For 10% off packages, please ensure you have a valid credit card on file (lagreewest.com/schedule -> My Account -> Info -> Payment Info -> add a credit card using the little pencil), and email into info@lagreewest.com for us to set this up for you on our end!

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